Important info about absentee voting, especially if you're in an area affected by the hurricane; more about post-hurricane voting here. Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of Democratic candidates. This week, we're focusing on the six proposed amendments to the NC Constitution.

Two of the six proposed constitutional amendments were the subjects of law suits brought by Gov. Cooper and others because their language did not convey their true meaning and because they would fundamentally change the balance of power between the executive (governor) and legislative (NC General Assembly/NCGA) branches. Legislators were forced to rework and reword those amendments, but they will appear on our ballots. See what your ballot will look like here; fill in your voter info, click on your name in the next screen, then click on the sample ballot.

Here's one of them:
Constitutional amendment to establish an eight-member Bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement in the Constitution to administer ethics and elections law. House Bill 4.

Wow, a bipartisan board sounds like a good idea in these hyperpartisan times, right? Not so fast...

  • The current board comprises four Democrats, four Republicans, and one unaffiliated member and is controlled by the governor. It already has had to rule in early voting cases brought before it by now-frequently-deadlocked county Boards of Elections - who had their composition changed by the NCGA from three members (majority from the governor's party) to four (two from each party). This change occured after Gov Cooper's election, obviously. The board's unaffiliated member broke ties in many of these decisions.
  • The NCGA tried earlier this year to restructure the NC Board of Elections to eight members, four from each major party. The NC Supreme Court ruled that this violated the NC Constitution. This proposed amendment is their way of working around that ruling and manipulating voters to support an eight-member board that will be gridlocked and unable to make decisions on the behalf of voters.
  • All living former governors of both parties and all six former NC Supreme Court Chief Justices publicly oppose this amendment.
  • Local judges are joining the governors and former justices in opposing this proposed amendment.
  • This amendment shifts appointment power for the board from the governor to the NCGA, which would critically affect the ethics investigation functions of the board: the NCGA would appoint the people charged with investigating ethics violations by the NCGA. Putting the foxes in charge of hiring the henhouse guards is a terrible idea, no matter which party is in control!

A robust system of checks and balances is more important than ever to preserve fairness and faith in our elections. The voters of NC deserve better than this cynical attempt to sidestep the NC Supreme Court ruling!

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Download or print and SHARE brief descriptions of all the amendments and what they really mean:
You Can Vote (non-partisan)
Democracy NC (non-partisan)
Nix All Six downloads, social media shares, postcards to print and mail

Remember, the constitutional amendments will appear at the bottom of your ballot.

Share this info with your networks and VOTE AGAINST ALL SIX CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS!

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