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State judicial elections often aren't as high profile as other elected offices and don't get as much attention - and maybe that's changing in our current political environment where the NC Court of Appeals and NC Supreme Court are regularly making rulings about laws passed by the NC General Assembly. The national context of the conservative take-over of the federal courts, including the recent US Supreme Court nomination debacle, makes our state courts even more important. The 2018 judicial elections are crucial!

Appeals courts do not decide questions of fact; they decide if the trial court correctly applied the law or if there were prejudicial errors in the conduct of the trial. The NC Court of Appeals:

  • Comprises 15 judges elected state-wide for eight-year terms to sit in rotating panels of three. These often are the "three-judge panels" we hear about.
  • Reviews trial court decisions when someone contends that a lower court made a mistake
  • Has judicial oversight over the governor and the NC General Assembly
  • Rules on the meaning of state laws and can overturn state laws. Their decisions become law.

Learn more about what the NC Court of Appeals does and rulings they've made here.

Five of the current judges are Democrats, ten are Republicans. Three seats are up for election in 2018, two of which are currently held by retiring Republicans (Calabria and Elmore). The last seat is a vacancy created by former Judge Doug McCullough and filled by current Judge John Arrowood (Democrat). He was appointed by Governor Cooper, so he is the incumbent in that race.

Democrats have an opportunity to create a more balanced court by winning these three seats in November! Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of the Democratic candidates.

See the bios and candidate statements of all the Court of Appeals candidates on pages 9-16 of the NC State Board of Ethics & Elections Enforcement (whatever elections enforcement means) 2018 Guide to Judicial Elections.

Two candidates are running for Court of Appeals seat 1, Arrowood seat:

Three candidates are running for Court of Appeals seat 2, Calabria seat:

Three candidates are running for Court of Appeals seat 3, Elmore seat:


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