Our focus is NC, but since Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein's status is unclear, be sure to check the MoveOn Nobody is Above the Law site. Search your zip code and sign up to be notified of events near you if Rosenstein is fired. Here's a list of good hurricane-related links for donations and assistance from our friends at Stronger NC. Order Anita Earls postcards for only the cost of shipping! They're sent directly to you, pre-addressed and stamped, for mailing in mid- October. Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of NC's Democratic candidates.

Yesterday's Judiciary Committee hearing was a punch in the gut for many of us, and its likely outcome is the confirmation of an ill-tempered, entitled, conspiracy-minded white male to the highest court in the land. We hear from pollsters that a Blue Wave looks likely in November - and when have heard that before? Sorry if these are PTSD triggers (they are for me), but we need to be realistic. We've all mailed our September postcards (right?) and are prepping the October postcards. Maybe we're helping Anita Earls by sending postcards, donating or canvassing for her. Can you do just a little more? Watch this brief video from NC voting rights activist Aylett Colston to get motivated!

Here's a great place to start: NC Wins. You can find out about nearby canvassing, train and work in phone- or text-banking, and identify people you know who may be unlikely to vote so you can reach out to them. There's also great info on NC races to watch, the NC Supreme Court Election, constitutional amendments, and important issues in this election.

Here's a fun national site that sends you a personalized action plan based on your skills, location, and issues you care most about: Crush the Midterms.

Maybe this site from Pod Save America is perfect for you! Maybe you have a young voter in your circle who'd like Rock the Vote.

And don't forget to check Stamp NC Blue's Do More page for even more ideas! There really are options for EVERYONE :-)

We won't get a do-over after November 6, this is our BEST CHANCE to break the supermajority in NC and elect more Democrats to the US House. What's YOUR next step?

Interested in helping with GOTV? Check out our "Do More" page.

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org

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