Our focus is NC, but with the uncertainty about Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein's status, we want to post a reminder to check the MoveOn Nobody is Above the Law site. Search your zip code and sign up to be notified of events near you if Rosenstein is fired.

Here's a good list of hurricane volunteer & assistance resources from our friends at Stronger NC.

Stamp NC Blue PAC has kicked off a special, one-time, round of postcards to registered NC voters encouraging them to vote for Anita Earls for NC Supreme Court in November. Find out more, donate, and volunteer for this new effort and share the link! Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of NC's Democratic candidates.

Yesterday, we learned about the NC Board of Ethics & Elections website and how to find what districts you're in for various national, state, and local elections. Armed with that information, let's find out who's running for what in YOUR districts.

In addition to checking the sample ballot you located on the NC Board of Elections site using yesterday's post, there are two solid resources for discovering who's filed to run for various offices statewide.

The NC Free Enterprise Foundation 2018 candidate tracker includes all candidates who have filed for US House (NC) and NCGA Senate (SD) and House (HD) seats and includes the partisan leaning of each district. It's updated as needed. No local races on this one, but it's a good place to see the state-wide picture. The NC Wins site has a "Races to Watch" page if you're interested in the bigger picture.

The League of Women Voters Vote411 website is a great resource. Fill in your address, click "Get personalized information," pick a language, then choose a race to see the candidates who are running and read their responses to questions. Remember that in some cases, there will be only one candidate running.

Hooray, now you know who's running for what offices in your area! Tomorrow, we'll give you some tips for learning about the candidates.

Interested in helping with GOTV? Check out our "Do More" page. We especially need donations for our Anita Earls postcard campaign - go here.

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org

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