Update Nov 7, 2018: Democrat Joe Sam Queen defeated incumbent Mike Clampitt, 15,537/52.31% to 14,166/47.69%!

Update Oct 29, 2018: Tribe weighs in on elections

We want to give a shout out to the Cape Fear postcard team, with members in the Wilmington/Fayetteville area. They had to cancel their Saturday gathering in Wilmington, but the team leader and her kids finished ALL the postcards nonetheless - look at the photo below! We've heard from another team leader near Fayetteville that she's planning to drive around to find an open post office to mail her team's cards. These folks are going above and beyond to STAMP NC BLUE, and we send them and their neighbors our deep hopes for their safety and well-being. The recovery is just starting. Here's a good list of hurricane volunteer & assistance resources from our friends at Stronger NC. Please help however you can.

Stamp NC Blue PAC has kicked off a special, one-time, round of postcards to registered NC voters encouraging them to vote for Anita Earls for NC Supreme Court in November. Find out more, donate, and volunteer for this new effort and share the link! Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of NC's Democratic candidates.

We're staying in the mountains today. House District (HD)-119 includes part of the Asheville metropolitan area, in addition to parts of Haywood, Jackson, and Swain Counties. Much like HD-93, HD-119 is less diverse than North Carolina as a whole. It also has a relatively older population, with fewer residents aged under 50 than the state average and significantly more of retirement age and above. It is less wealthy than average district, with a median household income of $39,500 compared to a state average of $46,300.

Voter registration: 39.4% Democrat, 34% unaffiliated, and 26.1% Republican; 53.5% are women. Learn more about NC HD-119's political history here.

There's a candidate forum in this district on Sept 21!

Democrat Joe Sam Queen represented the district prior to 2016. He describes himself on his website as "an architect, a businessman, a father, and a husband" and lists his key areas of policy interest as jobs, education and healthcare. He is a teaching fellow at North Carolina State University and lists many civic activities and memberships on his website. He's been endorsed by Now or Never NC. For more information on his legislative record, check out his entry on Ballotpedia and for updates, check his Facebook page.

This district is represented now by Republican Mike Clampitt, who was elected with a very narrow margin (50.39% of the vote) in the last election. This was his first successful election attempt after two previous runs for the seat in 2012 and 2014. Clampitt does not appear to have an active campaign website or Facebook page, although his personal Facebook page can be found here. He serves on multiple committees in the NCGA and is a retired fire chief. For more information about his legislative record, check out his entry on Ballotpedia and Real Facts NC.

HD-119 encompasses some of the most beautiful places in North Carolina, including part of the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Take a look here for more photos of this very special part of our state.

Original text by Natasha Lambert, updated by Patti Rieser.

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