Update Nov 7, 2018: Democrat Terence Everitt defeated his opponents with 51.06% of the votes! Preliminary vote count: Everitt - 22,727/50.06%, Malone (R) - 20,295/45.59%, Nelson (L) - 1,492/3.35%

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We're moving inland from the northern coast to Wake County and the metro Raleigh area. NC House District (HD)-35 includes Raleigh, Knightdale, Zebulon, Wendell, Rolesville, and Wake Forest. Its population is ~79,200, with a racial composition of 71.4% white (higher than the state average), 15.7% African American (lower than the state average), 8.4 % Hispanic, and 4% Asian and mixed race people. The median income of $69.6K is high compared to NC as whole. Employment also is fairly high at 66%, with the leading occupations in management, administration and sales. the educational level also is higher than the state average, with 51% of adults having more than a high school diploma. Voter breakdown (source: Politics NC/maps, subscription service): 34.6% Republican, 31.6% Democrat, 33.2% unaffiliated; 53.4% female.

This is a relatively white, well-educated, and financially well-off part of NC, though there are areas within the district that don't fit that description. Voters have supported the Republican incumbent, Chris Malone, since his narrow victory in 2012. Learn more about NC HD-35 here and more about its political history here.

This was a hotly contested seat for 2018, with two Democrats, two Republicans and a Libertarian having filed in the primary.

Democrat Terence Everitt won the Democratic spot with 82% of the vote. He lives in Wake Forest, where he is a self-employed lawyer working with small businesses. His top issues are investing in public education, raising teacher pay, working for the environment and clean energy, fostering small businesses, and supporting Medicaid expansion. Everitt is endorsed by Barack Obama, Our Shot NC and Now or Never NC. Campaign website , Facebook page.

Chris Malone is the Republican incumbant, he won the primary with 54% of the vote. The Issues page on his website details the positions and legislation he's supported around health and human services (he's chair of that House Appropriations Committee); jobs and the economy; education; taxes; right to life; and the Second Amendment. He lists endorsements from the Wake County Sheriff and Professional Firefighters. See his legislative history here. Campaign website, Facebook page. Malone sends an intern to answer questions about teacher pay.

Libertarian Michael Nelson also is running: Campaign website.

Enjoy a few photos of the area, and check back tomorrow to continue our trip across the state!
Knightdale Knightdale
Raleigh Raleigh
Wake-Forest Wake Forest
Zebulon Zebulon

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