Update Nov 7, 2018, Democrat Ron Wesson lost to Ed Goodwin: 14,649 to 12,927 votes, 53.12% to 46.88%.

Update Oct 24, 2018, link to candidate forum

Stamp NC Blue PAC has kicked off a special, one-time, round of postcards to registered NC voters encouraging them to vote for Anita Earls for NC Supreme Court in November. Find out more, donate, and volunteer for this new effort and share the link! We're continuing our focus on each of our selected districts, introducing the candidates who are running and providing some background info about the area. Stamp NC Blue supports the progressive values of NC's Democratic candidates.

Let's go to the beach before the hurricane hits, the northern Outer Banks! House District (HD)-1 is tucked in the northeast corner of the state and includes Elizabeth City, Corolla, Edenton, Columbia, and the areas around Kill Devil Hills and Virginia Beach. It's one of those oddly-shaped districts that has a chunk left out in the middle and hugs different parts of Currituck Sound; parts of five counties are in HD-1. Some of it is relatively sparsely populated; about 83,500 people live here. It's ~75% white, 19% African American, and 3% Hispanic. About 56% of adults >25 have a high school diploma, ~28% have a higher degree (lower than the state average). Median household income is about average compared to the state, $49.7K. Unemployment is 6.5%, close to the state average. Farming is a more common occupation here than in NC as a whole. Learn more about HD-1 here.

In terms of voter registration, 55% are Democrats, 24.9% are unaffiliated, and 19.8% are Republican; 54% are women (source: Politics NC/Maps, subscription service). Voters have supported the incumbent Republican since 2012. He's running for the NC Senate in 2018, so it's an open House race. Read more about HD-1's political background here.

Ron Wesson ran unopposed in the Democratic primary and was recently endorsed by Barack Obama! He lives in Windsor and is serving his second term as a Bertie County Commissioner. He identifies the need for stronger representation of HD-1 in Raleigh, with a focus on jobs and small businesses, education and financing of school construction, the expansion of broadband, and better addressing mental health needs and the opioid crisis. Campaign website, Facebook page, Could Steinburg's NC House seat flip to D?

Republican Ed Goodwin won the May 8 Republican primary with 55% of the votes. Goodwin served in the Air Force for four years as a young man and has served on several boards and commissions in Chowan County, including the Board of Commissioners. The Issues page of his website is blank as of Sept. 9. He lives in Edenton. Campaign website, Facebook page.

Enjoy a few photos of this coastal area. Next we'll travel west to Wake County to learn about HD-35, join us!

Elizabeth-City Elizabeth City
Corolla Corolla
Edenton Edenton

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