Meet another one of our amazing postcard teams.

Team Triad is based in the Triad region of North Carolina ("the north-central region of the..state..that consists of the area within and surrounding the three major cities of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point").This team is co-led by Heidi and Nicole and weren't shy to share their real thoughts when it comes to word assocation:

Blue →→→→→ Wave
Red →→→→→ @$$hole
Orange →→→→→ Gun safety
NCGA →→→→→ F^¢ker$
Unicorn →→→→→ Rainbow

They worked with a small but mighty and efficient team of four people during this year's primary election efforts, but have added to their ranks for the upcoming November general election. Why are they participating in the Stamp NC Blue postcard effort? "Personal voter outreach is proven to be most effective way to get voters to polls."

Our thoughts exactly. Thanks for your candor and efforts, Team Triad!

PS from Heather: some thoughts on the use of profanity, published 12/15/2016, "It has been a long d@mn year. But you know what studies show may help ease your pain? Swearing."

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