Action Alert: Click here to tell the NC Elections Board to fight the ICE request for excessive voter information, they meet on Sept 7.

Some people are born to greet strangers and shake hands. Others (including me) break out in a cold sweat and crawl under a rock at the thought.  AND this is a crucial, all-hands-on-deck election, so I have committed to dip my toes and sweaty palms into door-to-door canvassing at least once. I'm inspired by this brief video by local voting evangelist, Aylett Colston, "November 6 is like D-Day. NC is like the beaches of Normandy. We don't have the luxury to lie down and give up."

Whether you're a door-knocker by nature or an introvert like me, here are some options for canvassing of all sorts (including phone/text banking) - which is an evidenced-based approach to increase voter turnout. All provide training and won't send you out on your own! If you live in the Triangle and want to meet representatives of several of the groups listed below, here's a chance on Sept 13.

AND before we go another step (pun intended), Stamp NC Blue PAC is kicking off a special, one-time, round of postcards to registered NC voters encouraging them to vote for Anita Earls for NC Supreme Court in November! We are working with other groups to ensure maximum outreach and minimal duplication in voter contacts specifically about voting for Anita Earls, and our goal is to send postcards to 10,000 registered Democrats & progressive/left-leaning unaffiliated voters (not voters we're already mailing to). Find out more, donate, and volunteer for this new effort!

  • You Can Vote is a strictly non-partisan voter registration/get out the vote organization with on-the-ground events in several key counties across the state.
  • NC Wins will help you find canvassing opportunities across NC, train and hook you up to phone or text bank from your computer, and help you connect with friends and family members who are unlikely to vote.
  • Indivisible Flip NC has a goldmine of information on their website, including their list of flippable districts, a voter engagement toolkit, individual support for organizing canvassing in a flippable district near you, and an event list for their Wake County canvassing this fall.
  • Neighbors on Call has local chapters in the Piedmont that are sponsoring events and canvassing opportunities. Check "NoC Knocks" for more info about their canvassing efforts.
  • Swing Left will connect you with canvassing in a nearby flippable district.
  • NC GOTV is a public Facebook page full of canvassing opportunities across the state.
  • Really excited about a specific candidate? They'd love to have your help! Every candidate's website will have a "contact us" or "volunteer" option (in addition to the mandatory "donate" button).
  • Still not sure? NC Supreme Court candidate Anita Earls would love your help, wherever you live.
  • NC Senator Jeff Jackson has a state-wide game plan. If you live in Charlotte, you can phone bank. If you don't, you can sign up for a social media-based GOTV effort.
  • Your county Democratic party may be organizing canvassing.
  • Learn what it means to volunteer for a state legislative campaign.

And of course, write those postcards to Stamp NC Blue on November 6!

Interested in helping Stamp NC Blue via donations? Donate here (goes to a different site)

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact

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