Meet another one of our amazing postcard teams.

Ladies of the Lake is the postcard team led by Carol M and Brenda C, made up of people who all live at Biltmore Lake, outside Asheville, NC. When they get together to write Stamp NC Blue postcards, they don't mess around. They gather for a wine and hors d’oeuvres party! And with a view like that - who can blame them?

Their civilized gatherings have a very matter-of-fact approach about the Stamp NC Blue effort, "postcards get noticed because they’re personal, and they’re not just one more email you can delete." We like your style, Ladies of the Lake - and we're waiting on our invites to your next postcard party!

In response to our word association game, Ladies of the Lake provided the following:

Blue →→→→→ Democrats
Red →→→→→ Republicans
Orange →→→→→ Clemson
NCGA →→→→→ Worthless
Unicorn →→→→→ Dreamer

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