We're restarting Mon-Fri blog posts this week, keeping our eyes on the prize: breaking the NCGA House supermajority. There's SO MUCH news, it's easy to get distracted from that goal. Watch and share this 3-minute "eyes on the prize" reminder from our friend, Aylett Colston! Look for a mid-week news summary moving forward.

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer break and is ready to hit the ground running this fall. I also hope you made good use of those back-to-school sales to stock up on pens to use when writing the 3rd round of Stamp NC Blue postcards! Team leaders have gotten their postcards, so you should be hearing from them soon about September postcard-writing plans.

This is supposed to be a pep talk, a "u-rah-rah rally the troops" effort. But to be honest, I'm not one for pep talks and in fact immediately throw shade and roll my eyes when someone else tries to pep talk me (just ask my wife).

So how do I motivate myself to keep moving forward when it's really easy to get distracted by the dumpster fire of the day / week / past 2 years?


I think about something I heard a presidential candidate some of you may remember by the name of Hillary Clinton say very late on November 7th/very early on November 8th, 2016. She was tired. We all were tired. But she vowed to push to the very end by doing every last thing she could to get out the vote and implored all of us to do the same. She did and countless others, myself included, did the same. And - it worked (she won the popular vote) except that it didn't (she lost the electoral college).

Now is the part where you're probably thinking, "Heather, you're right, YOU ARE TERRIBLE at pep talks."


Stay with me... What Hillary Clinton said then has stuck with me all of this time because - yes we were defeated that time. But, as early as November 9th, 2016, I was already thinking of what more I could do to ensure a different outcome next time and shortly thereafter I was moving down a path that led to Stamp NC Blue. This is the next time. Let's do every last thing we can do to have a different outcome for these midterm elections and take what we've learned and do the same in 2020.

This is what motivates me.


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