Summer is ending, and we're gearing up! We plan to restart Mon-Fri blog posts next week, keeping our eyes on the prize: breaking the NCGA House supermajority. There's SO MUCH news, it's easy to get distracted from that goal. Watch and share this 3-minute "eyes on the prize" reminder from our friend, Aylett Colston! Rather than trying to keep up with daily NC news, we'll post a mid-week news summary. And now, meet another one of our amazing postcard teams.

Stamp NC Blue's ONLY team based outside North Carolina is led by Jennifer C and is called Stanton Park Activated, located in Washington, DC. This team is hoping "that the personal touch of encouraging folks to vote (via handwritten postcards) will make a difference. This system only works when people get involved."

Jennifer's word association responses were as follows:

Blue →→→→→ Ocean
Red →→→→→ Power
Orange →→→→→ Fun
NCGA →→→→→ ?
Unicorn →→→→→ Unique

Looking to future elections, Jennifer and her team are "curious to know the effectiveness of these efforts. It will be interesting to analyze results from Stamp NC Blue's effort in order to fine-tune effective mechanisms in the future for getting folks to vote." (Editor's note from Heather, Jennifer shared this before the data had been crunched for our May 2018 primary election efforts. Read about those results here.)

Jennifer commented, "DC folks don't have voting representation in Congress - this is terribly frustrating. We are the nation's poster child of 'taxation without representation' and our population is bigger than two states! As regular US citizens who want to participate actively in our system, we are lending our voices to our fellow Americans and encouraging folks to use their vote where they've got it. The ability to vote shouldn't be taken for granted. We are (also) doing other canvassing, postcard writing, fundraising for issues such as refugee concerns, and making campaign donations. The Stamp NC Blue effort has been inspiring: the NC initiative has been incredibly organized and spirited."

We are so appreciative of those kind words and of the great efforts folks in DC are making on our behalf. Thank you, Jennifer C and Stanton Park Activated!

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