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On Friday, the NC House convened for another special session after a three-judge panel ruled that two constitutional amendments must be pulled from the ballots. Read here for a history on these constitutional amendments that involved shifting substantial power from the governor (executive branch) to the NCGA (legislative branch).

Two new bills passed the House on Friday. Members of the House voted 73-33 in favor of House Bill 4, which deals with the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement and would change the current nine-member board to eight members and allow the General Assembly and the governor to be involved in the appointment process.

The other amendment, House Bill 3, passed in the House 72-34, with one Republican voting against it. Like the original amendment, it transfers power from the governor to the General Assembly, but removes a "veto loophole."  

And if all of these constitutional amendments have not been confusing enough, the NCGA is appealing the initial court decision to remove the first two amendments from the ballot. So there could be eight constitutional amendments to sort through on the November ballot. Is your head spinning yet?

Stay tuned as the craziness continues on Monday when the Senate convenes to take up House Bills 3 and 4. A hearing has been scheduled in the Senate Committee on Rules and Operation at 1 pm. The new language is expected to pass with just days to spare, as Sep. 1 is the latest date for the ballot to be finalized to meet the federal deadline.

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