Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams.

Based on the Outer Banks, Team OBX Blue Wave, led by Cyndi, gathers to write out their postcards over wine and snacks. Team members quickly realized that with an activity as easy as writing postcards, they really feel like they are doing something meaningful. Cyndi shared, "there is a feeling of frustration and hopelessness about our political situation in North Carolina and nationally, and people want to do something, anything, to help effect change. Creating this team has also strengthened bonds within out small community as we get to know each other better while writing and sharing a drink."

The team sees the Stamp NC Blue effort being beneficial for several reasons, "hopefully it will remind people about the importance of voting in a midterm and make them feel a sense of connection to a larger community. Especially for rural and older voters, receiving a hand-written note may make them feel like they matter, that they are not forgotten."

Members of Team OBX Blue Wave aren't just writing Stamp NC Blue postcards! They are also active in GOTV phone banking and canvassing efforts and attending local events where we participate in voter registration.

We are thankful for Cyndi and all of the members of Team OBX Blue Wave for all of their work this year!

As for Cyndi's word association responses...
Blue →→→→→ Wave
Red →→→→→ Bad stuff!
Orange →→→→→ Graig Meyer
NCGA →→→→→ Fix it!
Unicorn →→→→→ Magic

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