Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams.

The Hillsborough Blizzard is an effort of Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action (HPTA), based in Hillsborough, NC and led by Tina P. They get their postcards written as a part of their weekly HPTA "Meet 'n' Greet" events. During these gatherings over coffee, they also discuss social justice and strategize actions.

Tina's word association responses were quite delightful:

Blue →→→→→ Vote
Red →→→→→ Ugh
Orange →→→→→ Cones
NCGA →→→→→ Dangerous
Unicorn →→→→→ Spit

Why postcards? Tina says, "Postcards serve as a reminder. The fact that these have hand written notes will hopefully make people stop and think about how crucial voting is, particularly in this upcoming election! I think people feel hopelessness and powerless. But there is hope! And voting is one of our super powers! It is a way for each and every one of us to use our voice! And collectively, our voice will be loud and clear and more importantly, heard!"

HPTA folks don't just drink coffee, write postcards, and talk. They are busy making things HAPPEN. "Many members of Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action are actively registering people to vote, canvassing, hosting house parties for candidate fundraisers, organized candidate Meet n Greets, and have had a few members who decided to run for school board and won! We will also be organizing an Overpass Light Brigade as November approaches so if you see us with lighted signs on an Overpass, give us a honk! Or better yet, join us!"

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