Did you know that your choice not to vote or wait until Election Day when something pops up causing you not to vote can determine election outcomes just as much as voting?

We all have demanding schedules and that makes early voting so important. I'm a teacher and a mom, and I know that regardless of my plan to vote on November 6, there's a high chance that something might pop up (a sick child, unexpected meeting, etc.) so I will vote early. I don't want to contribute to outcomes I don't want based on my lack of casting a vote.

A recent article from the Washington Post, New data makes it clear: Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency, explains how those who didn't vote are responsible for Trump's election. About 30% of people who were eligible to vote did not vote. When comparing presidential candidate preference (Clinton vs. Trump) and looking at voters vs. nonvoters, the highest percentages of nonvoters in every category but one were Democratic or leaning Democratic. Separating it further, the nonvoters who preferred Clinton were largely non-white, had an educational level of high school or less, an income of $30,000 or less and were under age 50. But what I think deserves to be said again is that the highest percentage of nonvoters were leaning Democratic. That means if these people had cast their votes, Trump would not be president. Read more from the Pew Research Center's analysis here.

A poll completed by High Point University shows that North Carolinians give Trump a 40% job approval rating. So maybe some of those people who didn't make it to the polls in 2016 will see the importance of showing up for the midterm election. This poll also shows that more North Carolinians are leaning Democratic than Republican in voting for U.S. Congress, NC House, and NC Senate in 2018. So if more people want the Democratic candidates to win but don't show up to the polls, what happens? Republicans still win. Don't let Republicans win because you didn't show up. Every vote does count! Be a voter, get your friends to vote, and volunteer to help GET OUT THE VOTE!

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