Today's post is courtesy of Aylett Colston, aka NC's voting rights evangelist.

Should North Carolinians be tricked into giving the NC General Assembly (NCGA) a “blank check” to do whatever it wants to our state? NO!

Come greet the NCGA as they return to Session this Sat, Aug 4, to try to override the governor’s vetoes of their hastily enacted legislation intended to deceive North Carolinians into voting away their rights. Meet out front at 10:30 AM to see them before they head into session at 11:00 am, 16 W. Jones Street.

Contact YOUR NC legislators today to let them know you oppose their efforts to keep voters in the dark about these constitutional amendments. If you have more time, contact the key legislators listed (with contact info) in this WRAL editorial, Tell key legislators to uphold Cooper's veto. Then #nixallsix in November!

NC's state legislature - which was elected from unconstitutional racially gerrymandered districts - has mandated that six amendments to NC's state Constitution be on the ballot this November.

Republican Gov McCrory’s former attorney said that if the NCGA's proposed amendments pass, it "would cause a seismic shift in power in our state government - one of the biggest shifts since the Civil War and possibly one of the most destructive."

Attorney General Stein described one of the amendments as “the most radical restructuring of our government in more than 100 years, since the Civil War. It would essentially give the legislature the power to run the executive branch.”

The "descriptions" of these amendments that will appear on our ballots are deceiving and don’t tell voters what they will ACTUALLY be voting on, and the NCGA is opposing all efforts to convey more accurate descriptions on the ballots. Why constitutional ballot captions are so important.

Shouldn’t voters have accurate descriptions of the proposed amendments and their implications before they vote on them?

Let’s greet the NCGA as they return to session and let them know we are tired of their dirty tricks!

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