Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, please email us at info@stampncblue.org

"Durham-2" got its uncreative name from me (Heather) when we were forming teams because it was the second team based in Durham. We are very grateful to team leader Debbera C. for stepping up to lead this group of 10 members. Most folks live in Durham and a few are in Chapel Hill.

Word association with Debbera - the first words are the ones I have her and the second words are the ones that came to her mind first...

  • Blue →→→→→ White
  • Red →→→→→ Berry
  • Orange →→→→→ Juice
  • NCGA →→→→→ Letters
  • Unicorn →→→→→ Stupid

{Editorial comment: While there are no wrong answers in word association, I will admit that Debbera's last answer caused me to do a double-take. But no worries, to each their own, Debbera. ;-)}

Debbera makes the postcard writing process super easy for her team by offering her team members two ways to get cards: social meet-ups at cafés to write cards out and socialize and one-on-one meet-ups to distribute materials and instructions, then complete cards individually. Debbera believes in the power postcards to get out the vote because they let democratic voters know that they are not alone and helps them not despair. She thinks the postcards will help the recipients be more likely to take action by voting and hopefully take extra steps like talking to neighbors about the postcards they've recieved.

Debbera herself is taking extra steps - she is planning to canvass with Flip NC and other groups. She's also likely to canvass in her home precinct and contribute funds to certain candidates and groups. In other words - she's putting her time and money where her beliefs are, and we applaud all of her (and her team's) efforts!

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