Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, please email us at

One of Stamp NC Blue's Orange County teams is led by Helen R. Here are Helen's word association responses (and my inspiration for the post title) -

  • Blue →→→→→ Stamp NC
  • Red →→→→→ GOP
  • Orange →→→→→ County
  • NCGA →→→→→ disappoint
  • Unicorn →→→→→ zebra

This team, which I'm taking the liberty of re-naming the "Orange County Zebras" has 6 members, all living in and around Chapel Hill. Helen (team leader) has had the members over to her house for wine and snacks to write out their postcards this spring and we hope she'll continue that tradition this fall.

Helen thinks the Stamp NC Blue Get Out the Vote postcards will have an impact because they raise awareness and provide reminders to voters. When she's not leading her Orange County Zebras team, she tries to fit in other GOTV activities like canvassing and fundraising as she's able.

Her team would welcome more members for the September and October rounds of postcards, in part because they want to increase the number of postcards they can send and reach more voters in our target districts. If you live in Orange County (or close enough) and are interested, please email us at for more info.

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