Good summary of today and tomorrow at the NCGA.

Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, please email us at


^Not exactly true but you'll have to keep reading to get the facts...

Wake(ing) Up to Blue is a team led by Colleen B. Their excellent name came from the fact that they are based in Wake County, wanted to play off our name (Stamp NC Blue), and have the goal of wanting people to wake up and vote.

This team has 10 members have met up for group postcard writing sessions at Lonerider Brewery and the library. (So no, technically no beer in the library. The title is me taking my artistic license as the author of this post and also an attempt at cheeky clickbait.)

As Colleen and Wake(ing) Up Blue know, Stamp NC Blue is a "get out the vote" (GOTV) effort targeting 5 NCGA House Districts that are likely to be competitive in the 2018 election. I asked Colleen, "why do you think postcards will help GOTV in NC?" She responded, "they (the postcards) are unique--people like getting mail that's not a bill or clear junk. The individualized nature of the postcards also makes it a personalized experience that I think resonates with people." We hope so too (and are so glad not to be bills or clear junk)!

Colleen added, "This (the Stamp NC Blue effort) is such an easy way to make an impact and could be a gateway effort to further involvement."

If you (the reader) have been following along, I've asked each team leader to do a bit of word association for me. Here's what came to Colleen's mind:

  • Blue →→→→→ ocean
  • Red →→→→→ dawn
  • Orange →→→→→ cheeto
  • NCGA →→→→→ needs help
  • Unicorn →→→→→ rainbows

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