jpgIt has been all activity at the NCGA, with constitutional amendments flying all over the place, vetos and veto overrides, and we still aren't done yet. You can find out more in yesterday's post (updated throughout the day).

We know that at 10am tomorrow, the Voter ID bill will be considered in the Senate Elections Committee, 1027/1138 LB. You can attend the meeting, or find out who sits on the committee here, and click on their names for contact information. Call and make your opinion known! The opinion pieces below will give you good information to share with legislators.

Here is a quick roundup of some of the commentary so far on the progress of the constitutional amendments:

Politics NC: Governing through Constitutional Amendment
The N&O: NC lawmakers want 6 constitutional amendments. Here's what they would do.
The N&O: Don't worry. As school buildings crumble, our kids will get six constitutional amendments!
Charlotte Observer: First the legislature proposed a blatant power grab. Now it wants a hidden one, too.
WRAL: Editorial: Voters need to reject impetuous amendments to N.C. Constitution

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