The NC House is voting on HB 1092, Require Photo ID, tonight/Monday. Update: HB 1092 passed second reading and will head towards a final vote on Tuesday before going to Senate. If you haven't already, text VOTING RIGHTS to 44939 to contact your House representative. Assuming it passes, it goes to the Senate. Contact your NC state senator NOW to let them know what you think.

  • Bipartisan Ethics and Elections Enforcement, HB 913 PCS. On Friday afternoon, GOP leaders from the NC House introduced yet another constitutional amendment for consideration. This one would create an eight-member Bipartisan State Board of Ethics and Election Enforcement with ALL members chosen by the House speaker and Senate leader instead of the governor, as has been the case. They've been trying to wrest control of the Board of Elections from the executive branch since Gov. Cooper won the 2016 election. This is another major separation of powers issue, read more about it in the N&O and NC Policy Watch. Non-partisan appointments would be best. The House may vote on this Monday evening/tonight; it then goes to the Senate.
  • Maximum Income Tax Rate of 5.5%, SB 75. This has passed the Senate and will be placed on the House calendar this week. It's a bad idea. N&O, NC Policy Watch.
  • Strengthening Victims' Rights, HB 551. Also known as Marcy's Law, this constitutional amendment would expand victims' rights from those already required in another constitutional amendment. It would add more crimes to the existing list that triggers notice provisions and allow victims to file legal motions if they feel the justice system hasn't met its obligations. There's been a great deal of discussion around this in the Senate Judiciary Committee, it's already passed in the House. There's concern from district attorneys about some of the details of the bill, and some legislators are concerned about unintended consequences if it's passed. Read more from WRAL and the N&O. The bill is strongly supported by a national organization, Marcy's Law for NC.

Contact your lawmakers and tell them what you think about these constitutional amendments. Even if you don't think they'll listen, it's our civic responsibility to let them know voters care!

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