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Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, please email us at info@stampncblue.org

Blue Wake is the second postcard team we are featuring this summer. This team, led by Amy W, is 15 members strong, stretching from Clayton to Willow Spring -- throughout Raleigh and into Durham.

The following are the first words that came to Amy's mind when she read the following words:

  • Blue →→→→→ Carolina
  • Red →→→→→ Wings
  • Orange →→→→→ Carrot
  • NCGA →→→→→ Gerrymander
  • Unicorn →→→→→ Rainbow

Blue Wake gathered together for postcard writing nights with snacks and drinks for the both of the primary election rounds of postcards. Amy remarked, "We thought we'd follow writing with game night, but we had so much fun talking and laughing while completing the cards that it hasn't happened yet!" (And for anyone who couldn't make the scheduled postcard "game nights" -- they arranged for picking up postcards and completed them on their own.) The photo above (shared with Amy's permission #obvi) is from their first gathering.

Members of Blue Wake feel that the Stamp NC Blue postcards will help get out the vote because they are handwritten and personal. "They are a practical reminder and, hopefully, one person helping another person realize that mid-term elections are a big deal and each particular vote counts." One of the things this team appreciates most about the Stamp NC Blue effort is that it can easily fit into various schedules and is even easy for introverts to get involved with!

Not that it sounds like they have many introvert members because this team keeps busy with other Get Out the Vote activities when not writing Stamp NC Blue postcards! Several members are participating in door-to-door canvassing efforts. A few are working voter registration drives. And two are serving as precinct officers.

Go, Blue Wake, Go!

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