UPDATE: NC Justice Center just posted that the House Rules Committee vote on this constitutional amendment is at 11am TODAY. ACT NOW to contact your NC legislators!

Few are the citizens who would leap at the chance to pay more in taxes, and who can really blame them? Money's tight everywhere all the time it seems.

But when you realize that over half of North Carolina's revenues come from the state income tax, suddenly the constitutional amendment proposed by the NCGA to cap income tax seems much less appealing. An explainer by the NC Justice Center lists 10 reasons why this cap (at 5.5%) will harm North Carolinians. Know someone who's got kids? Who's a woman? Who's retiring soon? Who owns a small business? Someone who depends on the insurance marketplace? They'll all be affected, and likely so will you.

Notable is the effect of tax cuts on the wealthy, as we've at least heard of at the national level. From Longleaf Politics (linked above): "Because wealthier people pay more money in taxes, tax rate reductions disproportionately help them. A 1% rate difference on somebody with $250,000 in taxable income is a larger dollar amount than a 1% rate difference on $50,000 in taxable income." The less money the wealthy pay in taxes, the less gets put back into circulation to end up in things like public schools, social security, infrastructure, and all the state-sponsored institutions upon which we depend. And whose budgets have already been damaged by the NCGA's leadership over the last few years.

A permanent tax cut, ensconced in the Constitution indefinitely, would hamstring any attempts by voters or lawmakers to respond to crises or the inevitable tide of change. As much as more money in the bank now may appeal, if this tax cut goes through, it could mean a lot more suffering down the line.

Now is the time to contact your lawmakers and tell them how you feel about this amendment. Even if you don't believe they'll listen, it's hard to ignore many voices raised in the same refrain. Why else would they try so hard to stop people from exercising the most powerful voice they have-- their vote?

It seems like we're wading through a dark bog of sludge right now, so check out Whatwentright.org to get a boost! North Carolina made the news during the #redfored teacher protest! Go NC!

After you get motivated again, check out the Raleigh Families Belong Together event on Facebook or register to attend an event here to show the folks in Washington that we're done tolerating their cruel policy of taking children from their parents.

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