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Monday, June 18, last week of the Poor People's Campaign in Raleigh, 2pm, Bicentennial Mall, Raleigh. June 18, Converting the Distorted Moral Narrative

Wednesday, June 20, 4:30pm, Bicentennial Mall, Raleigh, Families Belong Together Rally & action list

Thursday, June 21, 6:30pm, SW Durham Library, Policy Made Easy; same presentation in other parts of the Triangle at other times

Saturday, June 24, 1pm, Wake County canvassing; other canvassing events in the Triangle/Triad/eastern NC

Heads are spinning trying to keep up with the breakneck pace at the NCGA, with its big laws, little notice, late nights, and not much debate. Journalists, policy wonks, and legislators themselves are struggling to keep up with what's in and what's out of the bills that passed last week. Here's a mid-week summary from Nexsen Pruet and the Friday Wrap from WRAL, their nightly wraps are usually good summaries.

According to multiple reports, Republican leaders plan to address only local bills, constitutional amendments, and potential veto overrides before adjourning on June 30. The major action this week is likely to happen on Tuesday through Thursday.

We may see votes on as many as six constitutional amendments this week, though voter ID is the only one we know for sure. They would appear on the November general election ballot. Constitutional amendments must be approved by 60% of the members of each house. They're important because:

  • they're not subject to gubernatorial veto
  • they're likely to be passed by voters
  • they're harder for courts to overturn, though they must comply with federal law and the US Constitution
  • they can be used to motivate a party's base and increase voter turn-out, especially during a mid-year election such as this one.

See the results of a Civitas poll on five possible constitutional amendments. Read a Charlotte Observer editorial about why three of them are bad ideas, despite popular support. Here's an N&O article on an amendment we may see that would limit the governor's power.

As is too often the case with the current NCGA, the public and many of the rank-and-file legislators themselves will have to wait to see what appears on the calendars, often at the last minute and with little or no time for review and comment.

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