A bill called S 325 was introduced after midnight on Twitter by Rep. David Lewis and then discussed in House Rules committee meeting the next day (6/14) around 10:30 am. After a House recess ended at 4:30 pm, the bill was taken up so quickly by Speaker Moore that no other lawmakers had a chance to debate it, including Democratic representatives. The bill then goes to a third reading on 6/15, and then to the Senate for final approval. The state election board was not even consulted.

Why is this bill bad? Among other things which includes inefficient use of an already-short staffed county election board, it specifically eliminates the most popular early voting day, the Saturday before Election Day. In fact, turnout for the last Saturday before general election has been one of the highest turnouts for African-American voters. Limits on early voting have happened once in 2013, and in striking down NC’s 2013 voting law as intentionally discriminatory, the court said the NCGA had reduced early voting because "60.36% and 64.01% of African Americans voted early in 2008 and 2012" compared to "49.39% of whites." There is no doubt that NC-GOP supermajority-led NCGA has "no respect for elections, no respect for the rule of law, no respect for the taxpayers whose money they throw away on defending already proven unconstitutional laws." as Aylett Colston says here.

Outraged? So are we. Tell your legislators you will not stand for this bill and tell them to protect the voting rights of ALL North Carolinans. Democracy NC has made this easy for you here.

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