Preface: This summer, we are taking time to feature some of our amazing postcard teams. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, please email us at info@stampncblue.org

Our first team feature is for a team, led by Emily G, that has no name ("Emily's Team Has No Name" was the original title of this post).

The following are the first word that came to Emily's mind when she read the following words:

  • Blue →→→→→ Democrat
  • Red →→→→→ NC State!
  • Orange →→→→→ Juice
  • NCGA →→→→→ Ugh
  • Unicorn →→→→→ Glitter

This team is made of of 8 members, all living inside the Beltline in Raleigh. Emily gets major credit for doing the heavy lifting for her team - she divvys up and delivers each team member's postcards (which they then complete & mail on their own).

Emily believes that the Stamp NC Blue postcard project will help get out the vote in our target districts because, "it serves as a good reminder to plan to vote. The first card had placed to write down your polling place and its hours, which was really helpful. I hope that people are encouraged to know their vote is important by getting a handwritten postcard from a neighbor!." In addition to their Stamp NC Blue activities, members of their team also are helping register people to vote and giving rides to polls on Election Day.

One of the things that her team realized quickly is how easy the Stamp NC Blue task is! She reported, "Writing the postcards went quickly! My team is all people who work full time, and several of us have kids, too. It’s hard to schedule something that works for everyone, but it was easy to be part of this effort. We all felt strongly that writing the postcards was encouraging to us — that we felt as though we were doing something productive and tangible. Thanks for the opportunity!"

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