Our two primary blog writers are away this week, so Heather Hazelwood and new writer Kate Capehart are covering for us Monday to Thursday. There probably won't be a Friday post. We won't be focusing on what's happening at the NCGA - and you'll still want to read the great articles!

If you want to keep up with the NCGA this week, here are some resources:
How to track the NCGA
WRAL posts a daily "Today@NC Capital" preview at 5am and a wrap up at the end of the day. On Twitter, follow @StampNCBlue, @mel_bough, @raleighreporter, @NCCapital, @ludkmr, @billy_k_ball, @democracync, @rob_schofield - and search #ncga and #ncpol.

Monday, June 11 & June 18, the last two weeks of the Poor People's Campaign in Raleigh, 2pm, Bicentennial Mall, Raleigh. June 11, Education, Jobs, Income, Housing, June 18, Converting the Distorted Moral Narrative.

Tuesday, June 12, 4:30pm, Bicentennial Mall, Raleigh, Right to Vote Rally - speak out about voter ID!

Wednesday, June 13, 7pm, free Democracy NC webinar to discuss our statewide strategy for early voting advocacy, lay out the process for deciding early voting plans, and plan our action steps to support robust early voting plans in every county.

Saturday, June 24, 1pm, Wake County canvassing; other canvassing events in the Triangle/Triad/eastern NC

Thursday, June 21, 6:30pm, SW Durham Library, Policy Made Easy; same presentation in other parts of the Triangle at other times

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