Event Update: Right to Vote Rally, Tues, June 12, 4:30pm, Bicentennial Plaza, Raleigh.

This is a quick "weekend edition" with updates on actions and votes that you may choose to act on by contacting your NC legislators, find them here. Also call or email Senator Berger and Representative Moore.

HB 1092, Const. Amendment, Require Photo ID to Vote will be formally introduced in the House, 7pm session. Background and action suggestions here and here. There's national attention on this, given NC's abysmal history of attempting to disenfranchise legal voters, including a movement to encourage Amazon and Apple NOT to open new campuses here if this bill passes, N&O. If you support that tactic, you can sign a petition here.

SB 711, NC Farm Act of 2018, will have a final vote in the Senate at 1:30pm on Monday. This bill would shield hog farmers from liability for nuisances caused to neighbors and would disproportionately affect poor, rural families, many of them people of color. It would also define milk as coming only from hoofed animals, which means soy, almond, and coconut milks would have to be relabeled.

HB 933, Reciprocity/School Psychologist Licensure was a great bill with bipartisan support until it received a major makeover on Thursday that could further destabilize NC's ACA marketplace. The bill now would allow new “health insurance” companies to skirt state oversight and bypass federal rules, allowing them to sell policies that engage in “underwriting” —discrimination based on health status. The result would be a cash cow for these new plans, as they cherry pick only young and healthy enrollees into bare-bones plans. At the same time, older adults, people with pre-existing conditions, and women in need of maternity coverage end up facing higher premiums as the risk pool gets sicker and older. Use this link to contact every member of the NC Senate Health Care Committee.

HB 717, Judicial Elections Changes has been placed into conference committee. From NCGA-watcher, Aylett Colston: "Earlier versions of this bill gerrymandered NC's judicial districts, but several changes and amendments have been made. As we now know from the budget debacle, that means they could do just about anything with it.
As of now, the conference committee comprises Representatives Justin Burr (who recently lost his primary), David Lewis, James Boles, Jr, and Ted Davis, Jr. More members may be added. Click the link for their contact info. Judges have ruled against the GOP-controlled NCGA more than 15 times since Phil Berger and Tim Moore took over leadership. Tired of losing in court, Berger and Moore have responded by saying that judges will face “profound consequences.” Whatever your political point of view, all North Carolinians want and deserve impartial, fair judges. The process of redistricting judicial districts is too important an issue to be decided behind closed doors."

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