From Democracy NC at 2:10pm: "Lawmakers appear ready to file a proposal to put a voter ID requirement in our state constitution. If that proposal passes the General Assembly, it will appear on your ballot this November. This is a bad idea – one we've seen before..."

We'll provide more details as they are shared with the public. For now, let the NCGA know how you feel about attempts to undermine the rights of legal voters. We know that "voter fraud" is close to non-existent in NC, based on the extensive and thorough recounts demanded by Republicans after the 2016 election.

Here's what you can do NOW:

  1. Call or email your NC legislators, find them here. Do this even if you expect they will not respond to your input. Also call or email Senator Berger and Representative Moore.
  2. You can submit your emails via Democracy NC.
  3. Share relevant information with friends and neighbors, fair elections are a non-partisan issue.
  4. Stay tuned to news updates, this may move quickly. Here's some initial coverage:
    ACLU of NC
    Democracy NC
    NC Policy Watch
    News & Observer

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