We've been tracking a few judicial redistricting bills making their way through the NCGA. NC Policy Watch elaborates. If you'd like more information on the texts and breakdowns of specific bills, the June 4th blog post has a splendid summary. What's as troubling as the substances of the bills themselves is the speed with which they're being shunted through committees and the lack of information available to legislators. House Minority Leader Darren Jackson (D-Wake) raised concerns that the pace leaves legislators "without an ability to really grasp the causes and effects of the legislation". If these bills are passed, over a third of NC voters could be affected.

The drama around school safety continues. It appears that House Bill 1039, the School Self-Defense Act, may not be considered this session, to the vociferous disappointment of gun-rights advocates.

House Bill 938, Various School Safety Changes, passed the House today and goes onto the Senate. Representative Marcia Morey tried to amend this bill, which contains many useful measures, to include protective language that would allow judges to temporarily remove guns from high risk individuals. Morey reported that Speaker Moore declared it out of order and refused to allow debate on five amendments proposed by Democrats.

Could you possibly be one of the third of North Carolinians affected by judicial redistricting? How do you feel about teachers carrying weapons in schools? Let your legislators know your thoughts! Find them here.

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