Image-uploaded-from-iOS--7--2The NCGA is in session right now. Want to find out what is going on?

The NCGA's calendar is available here. Check regularly to see what is coming up.

Want to find out who represents you? The NCGA has a tool here to help you find your legislators. You can also use our series of handy guides. See something coming up that you have an opinion? Why not save your legislators' contact information to your phone so you can call them and tell them what you think!

Do you follow your legislators on Facebook and Twitter? That is a good place to start. What issues matter to you? For example, Public Schools NC carries inforamtion about education matters on its legislative updates page. Care about progressive politics? Why not follow NC Policy Watch. You can also follow your local political parties for updates.

Why not follow our legislative leaders to keep on top of what is going on? Phil Berger's Facebook page is here. Speaker of the House Tim Moore's Facebook page can be found here and their Democratic counterparts, Dan Blue and Darren Jackson can be followed here and here.

Interested in helping Stamp NC Blue via donations? Donate here (goes to a different site)

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact

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