You may remember that Stamp NC Blue is focusing on increasing voter turnout in five key districts, House District 1, House District 35, House District 63, House District 93 and House District 119. After Tuesday's primary, how do things stand in our districts?

House District 1: This district has only one Democrat running, Ron Wesson. He will be facing up against Republican Ed Goodwin, who defeated his opponent Candace "CV" Hunter, taking 55% of the votes cast.
House District 35: There were five candidates running in this district. Democrat Terence Everitt defeated his opponent, Adam Wright, taking 82% of the vote. The Republican race was won by Chris Malone, who took 55% of the vote. And finally, Libertarian Michael Nelson will also be running in November.
House District 63: There was no primary here yesterday. In 2018 this seat is being contested by the incumbent, Stephen M Ross and Democrat Erica McAdoo.
House District 93: Ray Russell had no opponents in the Democratic primary. In November, he will run for election against incumbent, Jonathan Jordan, who defeated his challenger for the Republican nomination, Robert Block.
House District 119: There were no primaries in this district. In 2018 the Republican incumbent, Mike Clampitt, is being challenged by Democrat Joe Sam Queen.

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