This is it - primary election day! Remember that on election day, you can only vote at your precinct polling place. Find your precinct site/hours/sample ballot here. Tell your friends, share on listservs and social media. General voting information links are here.

Did you notice women on your ballot? Turns out this primary election includes more women running for office in NC than in previous primaries. The League of Women Voters reports, "... in the 2014 primary election (the last primary where there was no presidential election), 24 women ran for seats on the North Carolina General Assembly. This year, there are 119 women on the ballot for General Assembly seats. In House of Representatives races, 29% of candidates are women, compared to 17% in 2014." Read the full story.

Interested in learning more about women in politics in NC and the country? Check Gender Watch 2018.

Once you've voted, take a deep breath, know you've done something important, and wait for the returns... You can also fill out this quick national survey about political and civic engagement since the 2016 election!

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