We're pretty confident that folks who follow our posts know by now that the NC primary election is TOMORROW, Tuesday, May 8. If you didn't get to early voting, tomorrow is your chance! Remember that on election day, you can only vote at your precinct polling place. Find your precinct site/hours/sample ballot here. Tell your friends, share on listservs and social media. General voting information links are here.

The NC State Board of Elections reports that only 15.79% of registered voters turned out for the 2014 (non-presidential/mid-term) primary elections. Fewer than one-fifth of voters decided who would represent them either in the November general election or in uncontested and nonpartisan local races.

Why don't people turn out for elections? Read this summary of a recent Pew Research Center report. Lack of interest in politics and belief that their vote doesn't matter top the list. We know from last week's post that every vote DOES matter, share this link when you hear someone say that!

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