Image-uploaded-from-iOS--5-It is easy to find information about how Americans feel about the current administration. National poll data is widely reported. But how does that relate to North Carolina? There are ways in which North Carolina is like other states, but there are plenty of ways in which we differ. Today we are going to direct you to a couple of good sources of polling information, so that you can keep track of how voters in our state are feeling.

High Point University recently released a poll with survey questions designed to measure North Carolinians' opinions of the current administration, of Governor Cooper and their voting intentions in state and federal races. Follow their Twitter feed for more information.

Longleaf, a North Carolina political blog, is tracking North Carolina polling data and has a page dedicated to NC polls. Find it here and watch for updates!

Interested in finding out how early voting is going? Check out this great vote tracker that will show you turnout so far in early voting.

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