Image-uploaded-from-iOS--3-Have you been hearing all about the Blue Wave? Interested to know what that might look like for North Carolina? Old North State, a North Carolina political blog, has a great analysis of voting patterns in the state, and in particular, the extent to which support for the current president in the previous election explained the vote in state races, and how that might impact the 2018 election results. This analysis would suggest that a large swing of 8 points would be required for the Democrats to gain parity in the Senate.

According to a recent poll, Democrats outperform Republicans on the general ballot, but 19% of those sampled are still undecided about how they will vote.

So, at this point, it looks like there is all to play for in North Carolina! Our districts may have been gerrymandered and the media may be talking up a blue wave, but right now many North Carolina voters haven't made up their minds. Make sure you vote in the primary to ensure that a candidate whose policies match your values gets on the ballot for November's elections!

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