With both major parties dealing with internal contention between moderates and those further to the left and right in a hyper-partisan atmosphere, we're seeing more competition than usual in the primaries. Incumbents who haven't faced primary challenges in years are facing them now.

Several NC House incumbents find themselves in districts that have been drastically reshaped by the NC General Assembly (NCGA) since they last ran - and some districts were reshaped AGAIN by the courts as a result of the recent outcomes of lawsuits filed against the new NCGA district lines. The most recent court decision involved Wake County, with the court deciding on April 13 - days before the start of early voting - that four Wake legislative districts would remain the same for now, though they acknowledged that the plaintiff's case may have merit and can continue. Did redistricting affect your ballot? Find out here.

Some incumbents are "double-bunked," running against fellow legislators of the same party who are now in the same district. In addition, each party has challenged some candidates of the other party based on residency requirements.

Sound confusing? Yep, it is - which makes it even more important for US, the voters, to learn about our candidates: check their websites, attend forums, follow local/state news, and VOTE on May 8 for who we want to represent US in the November general election!

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