Image-uploaded-from-iOS--1--3Do we need any more reminders this year of how powerful it is when young people are politically active? With the elections happening right now, it is a great time to make sure that young people in our state know how to exercise their voting rights.

We know that voting is habit forming; once a person has voted once, they are more likely to vote again in future. Last year's elections in the UK saw a huge surge in voter turnout amongst young people, one that proved decisive in the final count. We can get our young people voting too!

This spring, Let America Vote is launching an initiative called Cap, Gown, Vote, aimed at increasing voter registration among high school students. They are contacting high schools to identify and recruit student ambassadors.

Know any schools who you think should be participating? Contact Cap, Gown, Vote and let them know. Encourage the teenagers in your life to sign up as student ambassadors to organize voter registration drives!

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