Our primary election is May 8, and it's not too late to get involved if you ACT NOW! In addition to volunteering for the candidates you support or partisan canvassing, you may still be able to help with nonpartisan "get out the vote" efforts with You Can Vote. Voter registration requires training, and it may be too late to get that before May 8 (depending on where you live) - but not for November, so you can get a head start! Phone banking includes on-the-spot training, so that may be an option, again depending on where you live. Check the You Can Vote website, and give them a call if you're interested in helping and don't spot an event near you on the calendar.

Other things you can do:

  • Pledge to vote
  • Recruit your friends to vote, includes social media links to share
  • You may be able to sign up for a Democracy NC Vote Protector training, depending on where you live. Nonpartisan vote protectors work a three-hour shift on May 8 to assist voters who have questions or issues at the poll and direct them to nonpartisan experts who can help.
  • Post nonpartisan election reminders on neighborhood listservs, Facebook pages, and bulletin boards.
  • Encourage young people to vote! #Capgownvote helps high school students preregister to vote, Rock the vote has info geared to younger voters.
  • Contact your county party headquarters to see if they offer a "rides to the polls" service or canvassing effort and volunteer.

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