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Why are we making a fuss about a primary election, what counts is what happens in November, right? What really happens in a primary, anyway? NC's general elections occur in even-numbered years, so we're having a mid-term general election on Nov 6, 2018. We have a primary election on May 8. Here's an overview of the primary from the N&O.

The May 8 primary election is when voters from each party select which candidates from their party will run in the November general election; some non-partisan races are also decided. In the primary, registered Democrats can only vote for Democratic candidates, Republicans can vote for Republicans, etc. Unaffiliated voters can choose any party's ballot, but only one - they can't vote in the Democratic primary for sheriff and the Republican primary for US representative, for example. This is called a semi-closed or hybrid type of primary. Winners in NC primary contests must garner at least 30 percent of the vote plus one. If no candidate reaches this total, a runoff election is held.

If there's only one candidate from each party running for an office, you won't see that race on your ballot until November. If there are two candidates from the same party running for the same office and no candidate from the other party is running, then the May primary is in effect the election. Many county school boards - though not all - are non-partisan races, which means May 8 is the only opportunity to vote for your school board.

Excellent video about mid-terms and primaries aimed at young voters (but good info for all), please share!
More about primary elections.

Early voting has started and runs through May 5. VOTE!

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