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All this week we are taking a look at who will be appearing on many primary ballots next month and what the various offices that will be filled are for. Today we are taking a look at the Clerk of Superior Court. The Clerk of Superior Court has a number of different roles to fill in the judicial system, including handling probate, adoption, foreclosures, court record keeping and the administration of court fees and fines. They are empowered to issue arrest and search warrants.

Find out if there's a May 8 Clerk of Superior Court election in your county by going to Vote411, entering your address, then clicking "on your ballot" and following prompts. If there is, you'll see links to candidate's campaign websites and their answers to several relevant questions. In some districts in North Carolina, for example in Orange County, the May 8 primary will be the only chance to vote for a candidate because only candidates from one party are running.

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