In our recent series on the environment, we touched on several important issues confronting NC. Many of these same issues affect our health, now or in the future. Some of them are widespread, such as water contamination; others - dangerous contaminants near coal ash sites, air pollution and fecal contaminants near hog farms - are more local, for now. Learn more about a few of these health-related environmental issues:

Many of these environmental health issues reflect income, racial, and geographic disparities:
Environmental health disparities and environmental justice

Inspiration: what one conservative Army vet is doing to battle GenX contamination by organizing his community: NC Health News.

Ask your NCGA candidates where they stand on regulating industries that impact our shared environment and adequately funding the NC departments and agencies responsible for monitoring and addressing the environment. Our water and air don't recognize county lines, we're all affected by them eventually. A healthy environment supports healthier people!

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