Many of us - especially parents with children in public schools - have followed the "class size chaos" struggle that resulted from the NC General Assembly's (NCGA) 2017-2018 budget that mandated, but did not fund, class size reductions for K-3rd grade. Refresh your memory: Public Schools First NC Quick Facts.

After months of inaction and intense public pressure, the NCGA passed House Bill (HB) 90 on Feb. 8, and it became law on March 16 without Gov Cooper's signature (because it contained provisions he did not support). HB 90 extends the phase-in for the class size reductions until 2021-2022; provides funding for additional pre-K seats; and includes a new allotment for enrichment teachers, although it fails to fully fund them. It does not provide funding for the increased classroom space that will be needed to accomodate smaller class sizes and contains other provisions that some think fall short of adequately supporting our public schools.

Read more about the class size chaos saga and HB 90:

Has your school district been affected by this uncertainty? School board elections will take place across the state on May 8 or Nov 6. Check our guide to find your school board district and candidates, along with your NCGA legislators. Check their websites or attend a candidate forum to find out where they stand on planning for the class size reductions, continuing to fund enrichment teachers (eg, art, physical education), and constructing the new classrooms that will be needed in the near future. Let them know what's important to YOU!

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