SNCB27MarTeacher pay has been in the news a lot recently, with teacher strikes and walkouts leading to pay negotiations in other states, including West Virginia and Oklahoma.

Here in North Carolina, teaching organizations claim that teacher pay has been steadily decreasing relative to other states. In 2001-2, North Carolina ranked 19th for teacher pay. In 2013 - 14, North Carolina teacher pay was 47th in the nation, with an average salary $12,000 below the national average (source: WRAL).

School Superintendent Mark Johnson cites work being done by the NCGA to increase teacher salaries. This year, the average salary paid to a teacher in North Carolina will hit $50,000 for the first time, and North Carolina now ranks 37th in the nation (source: WRAL).

What do you think about the issue of teacher pay? Are you happy with the measures being taken by the NCGA or is it too little, too late? Contact candidates in your district and find out where they stand on this issue.

For further information, check out these links:

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