For this installment of our week-long look at some of the key environmental issues facing North Carolina, we'll focus on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a $5 billion infrastructure project which would travel through eight North Carolina counties, running more or less parallel with I-95.

The permitting process for the pipeline is well underway, and tree removal has begun along the route. However, a broad coalition of pressure groups opposes the construction of the pipeline and disputes that it will bring the economic benefits to the state that Dominion and Duke Energy (the energy companies that are building the pipeline) claim. These groups raise multiple questions about the environmental impact that the pipeline may have, including concerns about water quality, after a similar pipeline contaminated water in Pennsylvania, air quality concerns and worries about the impact on some endangered species. In addition, some groups have highlighted ways in which the negative impacts of the pipeline will be felt predominantly by low income communities and communities of color.

What comes next? Find out more about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by following the links below. Whether you love it or hate it, be sure to find out what candidates in your districts think about pipeline construction in our state.

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