We continue our series on environmental issues that may be of concern to voters in the 2018 elections with a look at the status of solar energy in North Carolina.

NC ranks third in the country for solar energy and that growing industry currently employs almost 6,000 workers. Although initially supportive of the solar industry, the enthusiasm of the NC General Assembly has cooled in recent years with the passage of bills eliminating the tax credit for residential solar installations and reducing the size and length of contracts energy utilities need make with solar producers, among others.

Here are some good resources to learn more about solar energy in NC:

What you can do:
If this issue is important to you, let your 2018 national and state legislative candidates know that. Email or call them, attend a town hall or candidate forum. Ask questions about their position on solar energy and push for specific answers over vague generalizations. Tell them what's important to YOU. Not sure who your candidates are? Check our "Get to know YOUR districts" series here.

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