If we've lived in the same place for a while, we may think we know pretty much about it - and we don't know what we don't know. I've been surprised at some of what I've learned about my county as I've researched this series.

We're ending our series with two good links to learn more about where we live and other parts of the state: Ballotpedia and Statistical Atlas. You can search your county (eg, Ashe County NC Statistical Atlas or Ballotpedia) or any of your national, state, or local districts (eg, NC Congressional District 1 Statistical Atlas, NC House District 13 Ballotpedia). Statistical Atlas is based on US Census data and its last major update was April 2015. Ballotpedia appears to be up-to-date as of 2017-2018 legislative sessions.

Here are the high-level breakdowns on Statistical Atlas, each opens to very detailed data:

Ballotpedia focuses on political information ranging from general overviews (eg, US House of Representative elections in NC 2018) to individual legislators, which we discussed yesterday.

It also can be illuminating to look at your county or town's official website and tourism or visitor's bureau website.

We hope this series has helped you learn more about how to find accurate, up-to-date candidate- and election-related information for your area. Remember that You Can Vote and the League of Women Voters NC are great sources of non-partisan election-related information, as well.

Please share the link to this series with your friends and neighbors, find it here. There's also a link on our super-useful Voter Info page.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to get informed and VOTE on May 8 and Nov 6. Our democracy depends on us!

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