We're getting close! You know what elections are being held when in your area and who's running for them. If you missed that, check the March 12 & 13 posts to catch up. Our first priority is around the May 8 primaries.

Start with the News & Observer list of 2018 candidates here. Search using your county name (box on upper right), and you'll see all the candidates for all the races, including local races such as school board, local judiciary, and sheriff. Many counties contain more than one state and national district, so you'll need those district numbers again.

To hone in on primary races, sort by election date (click the up/down arrow) to see what's happening on May 8. As an example, it looks like this for Durham: Durham-primaries

I take my list of districts from the SBOE website (March 12 post), and see that on May 8, I'll be voting for my school board district 3 representative, sheriff, District Attorney (16th prosecutorial) and Clerk of Superior Court. I'm in US House district 1, both party's candidates are unopposed in the primary. I'm in NC House district 29, same there. Those elections will be in November. You may have an opportunity to vote in the May 8 primary for US House and NC House and Senate representatives, depending on where you live. For some races (eg, school board), the May primary is the only election.

The same information should be available on your county Board of Elections website, find links here. Look for "2018 Primary Election Candidate Filings" or something similar.

Now I know who's running for what offices in my area on May 8 and Nov 6. How do I find out about them? Check back tomorrow!

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