Yesterday, we covered how to find what districts you're in for various national, state, and local elections. Armed with that information, let's find out who's running for what in YOUR districts.

We recommend two solid resources for discovering who's filed to run for various offices statewide.

The NC Free Enterprise Foundation 2018 candidate tracker includes all candidates who have filed for US House (NC) and NCGA Senate (SD) and House (HD) seats. No local races on this one. It's updated regularly.

The News & Observer has a comprehensive statewide list of 2018 candidates here. This table looks unwieldy at first glance, but it's easy to search. Put your county name in the search box (upper right), and you'll see all the candidates for all the 2018 races, including LOCAL races such as school board, local judiciary, and sheriff. Many counties contain more than one state and national district, so you'll need those district numbers you found yesterday to identify your candidates!

Some races have primaries in May, others don't because only one candidate is running in the party - that's why you'll see different election dates and true/false in the Primary? column. You also can see whether a race is partisan (ie, the candidate's party affiliation is listed), most school board races are not.

Hooray, now you know exactly what elections are being held when AND who's running for those offices! Tomorrow, we'll give you some tips for learning about the candidates, see you then.

Updated 5/15/18

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